Iran Map

Iran, also referred to as Persia or the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country located in the Middle East that borders Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey and Turkmenistan.  What’s known today as Iran once contained one of the oldest advanced civilizations known to man, the Proto-Elamite kingdom, dating back to 3200 BCE.  The Proto-Elamites had their own script and developed technological innovations in agriculture and sailing.  Iran is still technologically advanced, with it’s capital of Tehran serving as a cultural, commercial, and industrial hub.

One industry worth noting is Iran’s telecommunications industry.  Iran has a population of 70 million, and had more than one mobile phone per inhabitant by 2012!  It is an exceptional location for Voice Broadcasting, enabling companies to promote business campaigns cheaply and effectively.

Country Code: +98

Timezone: UTC+3:30

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.0427 per minute
Fixed Tehran for $0.0361 per minute
Mobile for $0.0604 per minute
Mobile MTN for $0.0601 per minute

Jobs: Iranian Talent is a job listing site helping businesses to recruit skilled local professionals in the telecommunications field and beyond.

News: Iran’s telecom sector earns global interest as covered in this fascinating article from local news organization, Payvand.

Telecommunications Company of Iran excels in Iran’s telecommunication’s sector, providing quality services throughout Iran.

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Sudan map

Sudan, or as it is officially known,  The Republic of the Sudan, is located in the Nile Valley of North Africa and is an Arab republic.  Sudan is the 3rd largest country in Africa, with an estimated approximation of 37,300,000 inhabitants.  Its capital, Khartoum, is the second largest city in size after Omdurman, both cities providing important bases for trade and commerce.  Throughout its rich history, Sudan has suffered from many internal problems and conflicts including two civil wars.  It also has struggled with violent movements and ethnic cleansing issues as well.  Sudan has less than 7.1 million regular internet users and less than 18,500 fixed broadband connections are registered, making it not exactly ideal for basing Internet-dependant VoIP Call Centers.  However opportunities for Voice Broadcasting do exist in the forms of political canvassers and other government related groups.

Country Code: +249

Timezone: East Africa Time Zone (UTC+03:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed KANAR for $0.1463 per minute
Fixed Sudatel for $0.1445 per minute
Mobile MTN for $0.1628 per minute
Mobile Sudani for $0.1466 per minute
Mobile Zain for $0.1622 per minute
Special services for $1.0000 per minute

Middle East Jobs As the name suggests , provides job opportunities for theMiddle East, also Sudan although opportunities are scarce.

Khaleej Times is a news source based in UAE, providing complete coverage of the latest Arab news including Sudan telecommunications stories.

Canar Telecommunication Co. Ltd. Provides a variety of communications services for the Sudan region.

Hello Hunter offers International Voice Broadcasting services to Sudan among other countries.  It is one of the few companies that supports Voice Broadcasting to Sudan and the region around it.


Tajikistan Map

Tajikistan, also officially known as The Republic of Tajikistan, is a landlocked mountainous country located in Central Asia.  Tajikistan shares borders with China to its east, Kyrgyzstan to the north, Uzbekistan to  the west and  Afghanistan to the south.  It is the 96th largest country in the world in terms of land mass and has an estimated population of approximately 8,200,000 inhabitants.  90% of Tajikistan’s land mass is covered by mountains, and its economy largely relies on cotton and aluminum production to sustain itself.  The country’s poor Internet services make it very difficult for Internet-based industries, such as VoIP Call Centers.  However, calls can be easily placed into Tajikistan from other countries.  That being said, tools such as Voice Broadcasting are under utilized in the region. 

Country Code: +992

Timezone: Tajikistan Time Zone (UTC+05:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.1159 per minute
Mobile for $0.1289 per minute
Mobile Babilon for $0.1100 per minute
Mobile Indigo for $0.1385 per minute
Mobile M for $0.1266 per minute
Mobile Tacom for $0.1060 per minute
Mobile Telecom Ink for $0.1246 per minute
Mobile TK Mobile for $0.1184 per minute
Mobile Tojiktelecom for $0.1183 per minute
Mobile TT for $0.0935 per minute
Special services for $1.0000 per minute

UN Jobs Call Center jobs are hard to find in Tajikistan, however governmental agencies such as the UN sometimes have postings.

Tajikistan Tourism provides a useful insight in to subjects relating to tourism in Tajikistan, a must read before traveling to the country.

VoIP Catalog provides useful information on making VoIP calls from Tajikistan.

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Egypt Map

Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia.  It is bordered by the Gaza Strip and Isreal, Sudan, and Libya.  Egypt has one of the longest histories of any modern country, dating back to the tenth millennium BCE as one of the world’s first nation states.  It is considered a cradle of civilization, and remains significantly influential to this day in regards to culture, politics, military, and economy.  Even after experiencing political turmoil, Egypt’s economy is growing- with investments flowing into the country.

Egypt is served by a single state-controlled company in Landline Telephony, Telecom Egypt.  Telemarketing laws are non-existent or not enforced; this makes Egypt an ideal place to base a call center.

Country Code: +20

Timezone: Eastern European Time Zone (UTC+02:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.0706 per minute
Mobile for $0.0636 per minute
Mobile Etisalat for $0.0618 per minute
Mobile MOBINIL for $0.0627 per minute

Jobs:  Search currently available jobs by industry, title, education level and more!

Call Centre Helper, the UK’s most popular contact centre magazine, reports on the best place to locate your call center facility: Outsourcing: Is Egypt the new India?

Egyptian Society For Mercy to Animals was formed in 2007 in response to a Egyptian government shooting spree of dogs.  They are now dedicated to improving the welfare of all animals.

Hello Hunter serves businesses in Egypt and beyond by providing low-cost telephony solutions such as Voice Broadcasting and Predictive Dialing.


Suriname Map
Suriname, also known as The Republic of Suriname, is located towards the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America.  It is bordered by Brazil to the south, Guyana to the west, and French Guyana to the east.  Suriname is a relatively small sovereign state.  In fact, it is the smallest sovereign state in South America.  Its estimated population of just under 600,000 inhabitants are mainly centered around the coastal capital of Paramaribo, which serves as both its business center and a useful port.  An estimated 37% of the population are regular internet users in Suriname, with 32,192 fixed broadband services registered customers.  There is also no official censorship of Suriname’s internet, however over the years journalists and political opposition have on occasion reported interference to email and social media accounts.  Due to the fairly small population, as you may expect, VoIP Call Centers and Voice Broadcasting services are somewhat underutilized tools in Suriname.

Country Code: +597

Timezone: Argentina Time Zone (UTC-03:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Mobile Digicel for $0.2133 per minute
Mobile Others for $0.1849 per minute
Standard for $0.1148 per minute

Expat-Blog Is a general tool used largely by Expats in South America who are seeking work, housing, or classified advertisements.

DevSur provides worldwide news articles and has a range of article pertaining to the Suriname region.

Delivering quality telephony services to call centers based in Suriname, VoIP Panda specialize in affordable calls to the USA and Canada.

If your company is interested in VoIP telephone services, another excellent choice is this Voice Broadcasting solution for some of the industry’s lowest rates.



Togo Map
Togo, officially known as the Togolese Republic, is a country located in West Africa.  It shares boarders with Burkina Faso to the north, Benin to the east, and Ghana to its west.  Togo, with an estimated population of about 6,700,000 inhabitants and an overall land mass of 57,000 square kilometers, is a tropical sub Saharan nation.  Nationals largely depend on farming for their living due to a climate that is conducive to agriculture by providing excellent growing seasons.  With an estimated 300,000 regular internet users (4% of the population) and 6,000 registered fixed broadband users, Togo is somewhat underdeveloped in the communications sector.  For this reason VoIP Call Centers are not commonplace, however Voice Broadcasting or Voice Blasting is often used by political parties around election times.

Country Code: +228

Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.3025 per minute
Interactive TV for $0.3280 per minute
Mobile for $0.2941 per minute
Mobile ATL for $0.3807 per minute

Go Abroad is a worldwide Call Center recruitment specialist, that from time to time has postings for Togo.

Afrol provides up to date news on the Voip industry through out the entire continent of Africa.

T Max provides Call Center related services for the Togo region and world wide.

Hello Hunter delivers business telephony and, perhaps more importantly, Voice Broadcasting services to the Togo region and all over the globe.


Zambia Map
Zambia, or the Republic of Zambia as it is sometimes known, is located in South Africa and is a landlocked country.  Zambia shares borders with Angola to its west, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to its south, Malawi to its east and Tanzania to its northeast.   The country’s population is largely centered around its capital city of Lusaka.  There are approximately 14,310,000 in inhabitants in Zambia and their official language is English, and this is primarily because until October the 24th 1967, Zambia was governed by the British.  Zambia is not exactly a leader in Internet technology, with an estimated 1.9 million regular internet users and just under 15,000 registered fixed broadband users.  As you may expect, VoIP call centers and Voice Broadcasters are not as common as in other parts of South Africa, but are a growing industry.

Country Code: +260

Timezone: Central Africa Time Zone (UTC+02:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.0613 per minute
Mobile Celtel for $0.1100 per minute
Mobile MTN for $0.0980 per minute
Mobile Zamtel for $0.1198 per minute

Zambia Jobs As the name suggests, is an online recruitment specialist, who solely concentrates on advertising postings for the country.

Lusaka Times Named after the capital city, is an online news source bringing up to date news to the country of Zambia.

Ex pat Blogs among other things has a directory of call centers offering services for Zambia and its region.

Hello Hunter Provides first rate telephony and Voice Broadcasting services to Zambia and its region.  Its prices are well below average for the industry.


Uganda Map

Uganda, also known as the Republic of Uganda, is located in East Africa and is a landlocked country.  Uganda is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to its southwest, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to its west,  South Sudan to its north and Kenya to its east.  It is the world’s second most highly populated landlocked nation.  Until about 1,700- 2,300 years ago, the people of Uganda were predominantly hunter gatherers, at which time Bantu speaking people migrated to the southern parts of the country bringing with them different language and ways.  In more modern times, Uganda’s population has grown to just shy of 36,000,000 inhabitants, with 7 different official languages being spoken.  Although Uganda has made great progress with regard to internet technology, it is still somewhat behind some parts of the world and has an estimated 5,000,000 regular internet users.  That being said, both VoIP Call Centers and Voice Broadcasters alike have enjoyed growing success in Uganda.

Country Code: +256

Timezone: East Africa Time Zone (UTC+03:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.2652 per minute
Fixed MTN for $0.2743 per minute
Fixed Smile for $0.2718 per minute
Fixed Warid for $0.2810 per minute
Mobile for $0.2846 per minute
Mobile Celtel for $0.2534 per minute
Mobile Gemtel for $0.2782 per minute
Mobile MTN for $0.2757 per minute
Mobile Orange for $0.2681 per minute
Mobile Smile for $0.2666 per minute
Mobile UGATEL for $0.2682 per minute
Mobile Warid for $0.2724 per minute
Special services for $1.0000 per minute

Jobs Classified offers worldwide recruitment opportunities, and although Uganda is not its main area, postings can be found for Uganda here.

She Told Me is a site designed for its members to be able to share opinions on a vast array of topical subjects, anything from news to entertainment can be shared and commented on by its members.

East Africa Business is a directory featuring a range of call center based companies, offering services for the East African and Ugandan area.

Hello Hunter Offers first rate global Telephony and Voice Broadcasting services to the whole of East Africa including Uganda.  Its prices are some of the lowest to be found in the industry.



Gibraltar Map

Gibraltar, located towards the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula near the entrance to the Mediterranean, is a British Overseas Territory.  It has an approximate land mass of approximately 6 kilometers squared.  It borders the province of Cadiz which is located in Andalusia in Spain.  The rock of Gibraltar is probably the most famous landmark for the area and is extremely densely populated, with about 30,000 inhabitants living on it.  Gibraltar has always had a history of disputed ownership, but currently remains in the hands of the British and is governed as a British Overseas Territory despite several objections from Spain, the latest being in 2002 in the form of e referendum.  Gibraltar enjoys extremely good internet coverage.

Country Code: +350

Timezone: Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.0301 per minute
Mobile for $0.1669 per minute

Recruit Spain Is Spain’s online premier recruitment specialist.  In addition to having vast amounts of posts for Spain, it also has several listings for Gibraltar.

News: Gibraltar Chronicle – Gibraltar’s newspaper for over two centuries for all the latest Local and National News

Wobbles Charity Gibraltar is a children’s charity that aim to raise funds to help children with disabilities.

Hello Hunter provides Business Telephone Services and PBX systems, Predictive Dialing, Voice Broadcasting, and other telephony services to Gibraltar and globally, at some of the industries lowest prices.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Map

Papua New Guinea, or as it is officially  known, the Independent state of Papua New Guinea, occupies the eastern half of the New Guinea island and is an Oceanian country.  Papua New Guinea’s capital city, Port Moresby, is located along the southeastern coast of Papua New Guinea and is also the largest city on the island.  Papua New Guinea is considered one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries with some 848 languages listed as spoken in the country, which is a rather amazing statistic considering the estimated population is only just over 7,000,000 inhabitants.  As you may expect, Papua New Guinea is not exactly at the cutting-edge of Internet and technology, with only 145,256 registered internet users or 2.3% of the population. Also fixed broadband subscriptions are low, with only 8,077 registered broadband users.  Due to relatively low Internet use, the best methods to reach people is the telephone making Voice Broadcasting (Robo Dialing) an effective customer retention and/or acquisition technique on the island of Papua New Guinea.

Country Code: +675

Timezone: Papua New Guinea Time Zone (UTC +10 hours)

Destinations & Costs:
Fixed for $0.4126 per minute
Mobile for $0.4268 per minute
Mobile Digicel for $0.5550 per minute
Special services for $0.5356 per minute

Tip Top Jobs Is an online recruitment specialist, providing worldwide job postings and also postings for available positions in Papua New Guinea.

Friends of the Earth helps protect communities by offering advice on subjects, such as environmental law and community rights issues.

Smart Global Call provides VoIP calling to and from the island of Papua New Guinea, at a rate 47.5 cents per minute and with a $10 sign up bonus.

Hello Hunter provides the most affordable Voice Broadcasting and other telephony services to the island or Papua New Guinea.  They also deliver some of the industry’s most competitive rates for the USA and Canada, and countless other locations worldwide.

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